Monday, July 6, 2009

Whatever Works

One of the best parts about working for Con-Way Truckload is our repair scene.  Tony likes to joke and tell people that our tool chest/repair kit consists solely of our cell phone.  He's really being fairly accurate.  We have a road service number to call and then are usually directed to a repair facility on our route or if necessary, a repair truck comes to us.  So far in our 350k'ish miles, we have visited lots of repair facilities and had a repair truck respond to us twice.
We really work for a great company.
As we move around truck stops and parking lots, we see lots of interesting repair jobs.  Of course, duct tape and bungy cords are favorites.  
Found this prize at a parking lot in Deming, New Mexico . . .
Here, let me get you in for a closer look . . . 

Yep, body repair with Quick Ties.  
I think this is an excellent use of material at hand.
While I am writing this, I looked down into the door pocket and noticed a package of 8" Nylon Ties.  
Here, I have to hold my hand up and declare, "We use them too."  So far, our best use of them outside the cab has been to hold a torn mud flap onto its bracket arm.  That repair worked well enough to get us to the next repair facility on our route AND avoid a  DOT ticket.

Whatever works . . .


Ellie said...

Love this! "Whatever Works" would be a great bumper sticker, or a motto for life. Just gotta hold it all together, somehow... :)


Fandango Travelers said...

You are SO right!