Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Post Rerun - The Inside of our World

I am learning how to do some new things with Blogger and my photo editor (Picnik). In the meantime, I thought I would re-run this post showing the inside of our truck.
It basically still looks exactly the same as it did in this original post. Well, I guess, the magazines have changed, and certainly the sheets and quilt have been washed a time or two. But otherwise . . . still the same.

Originally published 07/15/08

We paused at our terminal in Laredo, Texas last night and this morning and decided to change sheets and do a general bed re-make. Since it is nice and straight and not occupied, I thought I'd show you what some of the inside of the truck looks like. I can't take a picture that shows the entire inside in one picture, because then you would see the "pile o'crap" that I have to move around in order to take pics of each area. Here they are in de-crapped segments:
The black webbing is our sleeping restraint system. One of us (Tony) was skeptical about being able to sleep while harnessed in, but he gave it a try and found it works just fine. The 2 straps that connect to the sides of the sleeper (the head and foot of the bed) work to create a tent-like thing that keeps the harness from being restrictive. You can actually turn over and not feel tied up (or down, as the case may be).

You can also see our wonderful pvc shelving that Tony engineered. The grey thing the microwave and shelving is sitting on is what we had installed in place of the top bunk. The grey shelf is about 4 inches deep and maybe 6 inches wide - not real useful, but better than the bunk. Tony figured out how to secure the microwave and shelves. We store most of the light weight type food and snacks up there. Up at the very top is the extra blanket and our one piece of decent luggage (a folding travel tote).

All of this junk is held in place with staps and bungie cords.
Bungie cords are our friend!
You can see the wonderful array of them holding the magazines in the magazine rack. It is a great rack, but only 2 inches deep (WTF?) - so. . . bungies to the rescue!

The little round blue pillow in the top shot is my ipod speaker pillow. I love it! I especially like that my ipod nano fits inside it so there are no wires snaking around the bed to get tangled up in while getting my beauty sleep.

This is a look into one of our closets. The top portion is where the all important cache of caffeine lives. Tony drinks a very intense roast and I drink a wimpier hazelnut coffee, so we have to have 2 kinds. Leo's inside food container is up there too.

Next down, is our kitchen tools, plastic flatware and empty grocery bags stuffed over on the left. I can just barely reach in and snag a corner to get one out for trash.

Then down below that is our dirty clothes hamper. It is possible to crack open the closet door (cuz the pile o'crap is blocking the floor in front of the door!) and reach in and stuff the item into the container. Below that is where the handy-dandy folding stool lives. We use this stool all the time and having it hand is a life saver for us. Again, it is possible to crack open the door and reach in and grab the stool.

To the right of the closet, you can see our new cooler. We used to have a 12-volt cooler, but after 2 of them in 6 months, we pitched the last on!e and bought a good old fashioned cooler.

So, this is where we live these days. I have some more pics, but am out of time. I do have to drive you know!


Corrick family said...

How do you like Picnik? I am shocked that Tony will sleep there (and, frankly, in the truck in general!) too!

Fandango Travelers said...

I LOVE Picnik! My laptop doesn't have enough room for photoshop, so Picnik fills in the gap. iPhoto has some nice correction type editing tools, but not the fun stuff that Picnik has.

We really sleep pretty well on the truck. It seems to be the thing that "makes or breaks" teams. Our secret really is sticking to our individual "awake/asleep" schedules - moving or not.
Plus our bed is super comfortable - we put a 4" foam topper on it and I buy upscale yummy soft sheets.