Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Leo the Co-Pilot

This is the view I have of Leo when he is at his post and I am driving.  Is this the cutest Co-pilot ever?  I love the way his feet dangle over the edge.  Very casual-like.  I reach over and play with his feet, but then he pulls them in and turns around - I guess he doesn't like it when I mess with them.  The seat has a 3 point restraint system that allows him complete freedom in the seat.  Leo especially likes it that the seat raises him up to window lever.  He often rides with his front feet and chin resting on the window sill.  I wonder what people think when the drive by and see a dog looking out the window.
  You an just see a little bit of his harness.  It is lined with sheepskin and fits him nicely.  I have to say he actually looks dapper while wearing it and I would swear he swaggers a little bit when we walk in the truck stops.  Kind of like military pilots swagger while wearing their jumpsuits and gear.  (I briefly dated a 'Nam helicopter pilot and I can attest that that "swagger" is very much part of their psyche). 
You can see his food and water dish that attaches to the seat.  His seat is lined with a sheepskin pad which is good to hide treats under.  If Leo wants to save a treat for later, he goes through this elaborate ritual of burying it.  Sometimes the treat actually makes it under the pad, but mostly he "buries" them in plain sight.  But he faithfully scoops invisible dirt over them with his nose and even makes this little bob of his head as he is tamping down the invisible dirt onto the treat.  Usually this is mildly amusing, but one time he tried to invisibly bury a yogurt drop treat and it would stick to his nose when the tamping motion occurred.   The really funny part was that once it stuck to his nose, he had to scrape it off and bury it all over again.  This went on for quite some time until I finally hurt from laughing and ended the never ending cycle.
Leo is a great co-pilot, but Tony is still my favorite co-pilot.


Terlingua Community Garden said...

we miss you Leo-poopie! so, CA is the land of "fruits" and "nuts", huh??

proudpop said...

I hope this doesn't make you home sick for Leo but I got to see him yesterday. Yesterday I logged my walk as Two Men, Four Dogs. The other man was your dad and the Four Dogs were Jodi, Leo and my tow toy poodles who are the same size a Leo. The three little ones got along great and seemed to enjoy the fact they were all the same size.

He looks great and says he knows you will come see him any day now. He is such a "proper" little guy, I know how much you must miss him.