Sunday, July 13, 2008

The wonders of modern technology

Thanks to a comment from "terlinguamoon" I found out that this picture thing is a whole lot easier than I thought.  I am still learning about the iphoto program on the laptop, but now I'll be able to add pictures more often.  I cropped this photo, but haven't figured out how to save the cropped image - seems like a simple thing I know, but it is eluding me for now.
So. . .  as you can see, this is in front of the Clinton Library on our trip to Little Rock.

This is a photo from the farmer's market that we went to while we were in Little Rock.  There were wonderful smells and sounds as well.  Since we can't buy anything larger than a peanut because the truck might explode, we were only able to walk around.  I surreptitiously sneaked a few pets of some of the tomatoes and peaches - couldn't help myself!  We did buy a pint of homegrown blackberries for immediate consumption and then a small (tiny) bag of kettle corn that was being cooked in a large kettle right there on site.  It was sweet and salty and even slightly extra crispy in places - basically perfect!

Okay, now I'm getting the hang of this!
I especially loved the way these wonderful fruits were all mixed up and just set out.  I wish I was there right now so I could get another basket of blackberries!

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