Saturday, July 26, 2008

Roadside Agonies

When we get off the interstate, either to run smaller highways and byways, or to make deliveries; we often get to see into other people's lives.  Roadside fruit and vegetable stands are my favorites, because I can stop and buy something that only temporarily takes up room in the truck. 

Wonderful garage and yard sales are my least favorite roadside attractions.  Why?  Because I want to stop so badly!!!!!!!!!  

This beauty was in Kansas City, Kansas.  In the course of our delivery, we ended up going by this sale 4 times.  The first was hard enough, but 4 times was agony I tell you.  I would have bought those beautiful chairs.  I lust after those chairs.  Out with the ratty old Goodwill recliner and in with those babies.  Of course, I don't have room (or a ratty old recliner) in the truck and I doubt that they would fit in the storage compartment under the bed.  Damn.

As a result of regular fits similar to the one described above, we have decided to start thinking about looking for some kind of a landing spot up in the center of the country.  Now that I have discovered that there are in fact more states in the Union that just Texas, I would like to experience them more fully.  Eastern Kentucky, Tennessee and Western North Carolina are looking like likely spots.  

Tony would like to have his guitars in a more centralized spot and I, of course, need to have a place to utilize all the cool crap that I will find all over the country

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