Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Creative Outlet

I've shown some pics of silly crochet projects that I do while we whiz around the country.  I haven't done any for awhile.  
Here is the reason.
Here is another shot

There are lots more pieces finished.  They aren't joined yet - I just lay the out in pleasing patterns every now and then.
Each one is like a delicious chocolate candy with a wonderful butter creme center.  
I also love the transition from circle to square.
There is a piece of pink/peach flannel with similar colored circles to go on the back.  I thought I would put a back on it because I hate to snag toes and such on yarny afghans.  Not sure how I will attach the back, I'll figure that out when the time comes.
In the meantime, I'm crocheting my way from Portland to Memphis - we head out in the morning.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Last Week . . . This Week

Last week,  we were having wonderful Spring weather in Tennessee.  

Are these daffys beautiful or what? 
Daffodils are my absolute favorite flower.  Good thing since they are also my birthday month (March) flower.  I love traveling the country when they are bursting out along the highways.  In some states they are carefully planted and tended and in others, they simply spring up on their own.  
I love them all.  
I love them cut and fragrant as well as growing in damp dark soil.  
They sing out that it is time for Spring.

Today, this is what is outside my window . . . 

I can only call this - Not Spring.
We are shut down in Wyoming.  Snow behind us and snow in front of us blocking the way to Portland, Oregon.

I am cold.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Spring is bursting out all over the country.  We were in California last week and the almond trees looked like  oceans of white bouquets.  Such bounty in that state!  The citrus harvest is still happening and we stopped and bought a bag of oranges on the roadside.  They are huge and really heavy with juice.  These guys were like super oranges - too juicy to eat while driving.  Tony did peel and separate one for me and put it in a container.  That was manageable while negotiating Spring Break traffic.
This week, we are in Tennessee and the blossoms are out here as well.  
This is one of the displays at the Virginia Travel Plaza I mentioned a couple of posts ago.  These are handmade wooden kitchen tools.  I bought a coffee scoop some time ago and we got another one for Tony's coffee this time.  Something about the feel of a nicely carved piece of wood is so comforting to me.  It almost takes me back to another time - maybe another life when I handled those kinds of things more.  Anyway, they have a nice display.  The shop is filled with all sorts of Virginia products - lots of jams and jellies as well as ceramics and jewelry.

And to close, here is a shot of the boys being casual in our hotel in Joplin.  I think they were talking about me!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

It is almost time to turn in, but I have been having fun working with my old photos.  I really love how these 2 look together.  I wish I could flip one or the other so that they would match up, but you can still enjoy them with me.
The picture on the left was taken when Laura and I were in High School in 1975.  As you might surmise from the photo, we were inseparable.   The outfits we are wearing were some that we sewed ourselves.  They each had matching pants as well.  I think they were plaid seersucker bell bottoms.  That sounds awful, but they were really in style and cute.  

We were cute.

I think we are still cute!

Running East to West

We are back on the run again after taking some down time in Joplin to deal with the "paperwork of life".  Mostly income taxes, financial aid forms, banking, benefits and retirement packages and a lot of other stuff that created a blizzard of paper in our hotel room.  
Started this time out with a tight run from Carthage, Mo. (a whooping 15 miles north of Joplin) on east to High Point, NC.  This was a 1,040 run and we had just a bit over 20 hours to get it there.  We are normally dispatched at 47 mph.  That would be from start to finish including 
 pit stops
tractor/trailer repair
walking the dog
stretching our legs

This one came in at a #%@'ing 50 mph.

We made it with 90 minutes to spare!

I think time is stretching a little now.

We pick up a load in the morning and have a sweet long run (2,950 miles!) all the way to Portland, Oregon.
I have a favorite Traveler Stop on the tollway in Virginia.  It has a great Virginia craft store in it.  They have wonderful things made out of wood and pottery and such.  The last time we were able to stop, I bought a handcrafted whisk broom for the truck and a wooden coffee scoop for our coffee.  You have to think small and useful when buying souvenirs and local crafts while living in an 8 x 8 space.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Leo goes shopping

A week or so ago, we got to stop in North Bend, Washington for a couple of days.  If you have been reading this blog awhile, you know that I LOVE North Bend.  It sits right at the foot of the mountains of Snowqualmie and  is only 30 miles inland from Seattle.
There is a great little doggie boutique there that we have been wanting to get Leo into for some shopping.  We are often in such extreme weather that even the fuzzy dog needs some protection from it.
Leo wasn't thrilled about the prospect of trying on stuff.
Love that "Are you really going to do this to me?" look.  
What we were after was a good winter coat and an all weather rain/wind jacket.  Oh, and some sort of foot covering.  
Yea, I know, dogs don't need any of that stuff.  They have been out in the cold and wet for millions or years.  Blah, blah, blah.  We live in a truck and don't get that many diversions - give me a break here people!
 I found the coat I was looking for and had Leo try it on.  He would not turn around and face me.  Period.  Would not do it.  So we just get to see the back.  But what a nice coat - soft and fleecy and good weight to it.
Don't you think this shows off the darker highlights around his ears?  
Oh my . . .  did I just say that out loud?
 On to the next task - the rain/all weather coat.  This one looks good.  Even Leo likes this one.  In fact, I think he feels rather stylish in it, don't you?
Now on to the foot coverings. What?  Boots on a dog?  I'm not sure Leo is going to go along with that.
Okay . . .  okay.  No actual booties.  We did get some disposable little foot covers that kind of look like small tough balloons.  Sometimes we are in situations where there is road salt crusted everywhere.  That stuff will hurt little dog paws.  The balloony thingy slipped right on and he walked around without even noticing it.  Took both of us to get just one on.  Can't wait for the time when we need to put all 4 of them on him - dog wrestling!
We finished up the shopping with a new harness and leash.   Such a stylin little fellow.  He also got a new assortment of treats to try.  Leo is allergic to wheat and corn, so that limits treats.  Additionally, we are cutting out dog food and treats from China.  That really limits, but US companies seem to be filling in that gap pretty well. 
I guess that is enough of a look into my overly indulgent / almost bordering on obsessive treatment of my little darling dog.

We are in Joplin getting some work done on the truck, some work done on our taxes, and some catching up to our mail.  And a bit of fun too! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Other Life

My beloved photo stash from the computer before this one finally caught up with me.  What a treat to have those wonderful memories back in my daily life again.   For those of you who didn't know me before I became a Mother Trucker. . .
I was the Reluctant Wrangler.

That is me there on the left end.  Those are my chaps hanging over my shoulder.  I have special clothing for this job, but none of it is quite like those chaps.  They were so soft and had that wonderful warm leather smell.  
Except when they smelled like cow s#@t.  
I like looking back with a rosy cheeseclothy filter - makes it seem better than it often was!  Cuz my well kept secret (the boss was the only one that knew) was that I am deeply afraid of horses.
  There, I've said it and I feel lots better now.

More fun photos to follow in later posts.  
I might even put up some baby pics of Micah - he'll never know because he doesn't read this blog!