Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Other Life

My beloved photo stash from the computer before this one finally caught up with me.  What a treat to have those wonderful memories back in my daily life again.   For those of you who didn't know me before I became a Mother Trucker. . .
I was the Reluctant Wrangler.

That is me there on the left end.  Those are my chaps hanging over my shoulder.  I have special clothing for this job, but none of it is quite like those chaps.  They were so soft and had that wonderful warm leather smell.  
Except when they smelled like cow s#@t.  
I like looking back with a rosy cheeseclothy filter - makes it seem better than it often was!  Cuz my well kept secret (the boss was the only one that knew) was that I am deeply afraid of horses.
  There, I've said it and I feel lots better now.

More fun photos to follow in later posts.  
I might even put up some baby pics of Micah - he'll never know because he doesn't read this blog!

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