Sunday, March 8, 2009

Running East to West

We are back on the run again after taking some down time in Joplin to deal with the "paperwork of life".  Mostly income taxes, financial aid forms, banking, benefits and retirement packages and a lot of other stuff that created a blizzard of paper in our hotel room.  
Started this time out with a tight run from Carthage, Mo. (a whooping 15 miles north of Joplin) on east to High Point, NC.  This was a 1,040 run and we had just a bit over 20 hours to get it there.  We are normally dispatched at 47 mph.  That would be from start to finish including 
 pit stops
tractor/trailer repair
walking the dog
stretching our legs

This one came in at a #%@'ing 50 mph.

We made it with 90 minutes to spare!

I think time is stretching a little now.

We pick up a load in the morning and have a sweet long run (2,950 miles!) all the way to Portland, Oregon.
I have a favorite Traveler Stop on the tollway in Virginia.  It has a great Virginia craft store in it.  They have wonderful things made out of wood and pottery and such.  The last time we were able to stop, I bought a handcrafted whisk broom for the truck and a wooden coffee scoop for our coffee.  You have to think small and useful when buying souvenirs and local crafts while living in an 8 x 8 space.  

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