Friday, March 20, 2009


Spring is bursting out all over the country.  We were in California last week and the almond trees looked like  oceans of white bouquets.  Such bounty in that state!  The citrus harvest is still happening and we stopped and bought a bag of oranges on the roadside.  They are huge and really heavy with juice.  These guys were like super oranges - too juicy to eat while driving.  Tony did peel and separate one for me and put it in a container.  That was manageable while negotiating Spring Break traffic.
This week, we are in Tennessee and the blossoms are out here as well.  
This is one of the displays at the Virginia Travel Plaza I mentioned a couple of posts ago.  These are handmade wooden kitchen tools.  I bought a coffee scoop some time ago and we got another one for Tony's coffee this time.  Something about the feel of a nicely carved piece of wood is so comforting to me.  It almost takes me back to another time - maybe another life when I handled those kinds of things more.  Anyway, they have a nice display.  The shop is filled with all sorts of Virginia products - lots of jams and jellies as well as ceramics and jewelry.

And to close, here is a shot of the boys being casual in our hotel in Joplin.  I think they were talking about me!


The Daily Rant said...

I love the signs of Spring. I should have mentioned the location in that post (I think I did in the one about the Peacock) but it was at Murray Family Farms right outside of Bakersfield, CA.

Their web site is I got strawberries the size of Ed's head!! LOL

I've always wanted to stop there and finally we did. And they have TONS of truck parking! Have you ever been to Casa de Fruta in Hollister, CA? They have THE BEST STUFF!! And also tons of truck parking. Their web site is

You must check them both out!!

ring said...

Hey Y'all,

Somebody just told me about your internet site. What fun!

We had one hell of a visitation here during spring break and still quite a few folks coming through even now.
It's all about gas prices!

So when ya coming home for a visit?