Sunday, June 21, 2009


After we started driving Big Rigs for a living, the television show "Trick My Truck" took on a whole new meaning.  Lots of folks watched as the boys of "The Chrome Shop Mafia" overhauled worn out old trucks.   As luck would have it, their home is actually in Joplin where we have our own home base and we have tricked out our own rig with some sweet chrome knobs.
It has been pretty cool to see those reworked rigs out on the road.  We have seen a couple, but never in a situation where we could get pics.  
Our luck changed on our way down to Little Rock.  On one of those wonderful squiggly line roads, we ran across this beauty . . .

I don't remember what the reason for the overhaul was or what the symbolism on the paint job was all about.  I do remember that it was meant to be "Lucky"  

The back of the sleeper shows all of the lucky-ness worked into the paint scheme.  I see 4-leaf clovers, horseshoes, lucky #7, and 7 up on some dice.  You also get a good look at the great chrome accessories the boys specialized in. 
I couldn't get a decent shot of the inside of the cab, but it was also nice.  Custom seat covers in purple and yellow with dice in the center.  Lots of purple and chrome on the dash and sweet chrome gear shifter and floor pedals.
It is nice to daydream about having a custom truck or a  spacious custom sleeper.  We spend lots of time talking/thinking about what we would want if dreams really do come true.
Then we notice the "For Sale" sign in the window and realize that we are "Lucky" to be company drivers. 

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Daryl said...

Here is the info on this driver. I used to watch that show religiously...