Monday, June 22, 2009

Life on the Lake

We have settled into our lovely houseboat on Lake Ouichita in Arkansas.  What a treat this boat is.  70' with 6 staterooms, 2 baths, and a HOT TUB on the top deck.  I can tell you the view from the tub is delightful.
When we got all our crap onto the boat and launched, the sun was shining and fluffy white clouds filled the sky.  3 hours later, it started raining.

This was the view from our bed watching the rain fall.  Being a desert girl, the rain was not unwelcome.
At dinner time, the rain cleared up and we settled in for a most pleasant evening.

I love this shot - it may be the definitive shot for the trip.  

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maewestern said...

How lovely to be afloat in the rain after so much driving! And an also-lovely parting shot ... >sigh<

So glad you guys got some much-needed time off. How does Leo like the houseboat? Is he confused?