Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fellow Crusty Locals

We are on vacation!!!!!
Of course, we could take the nice US Highways and Interstates from Joplin to Little Rock.  
That would be absolutely no fun whatsoever.  
We took some of those great little grey line roads.  You know them - they squiggle and wiggle and never go anywhere quickly.
Somewhere just on the Arkansas / Missouri line, we ran into a great country store that had become a great smoked meat restaurant.  Lunch was delicious.  But that wasn't the best part.  As we were leaving, one of the crusty locals who ran the pit came outside and saw the "Viva Terlingua" bumper-sticker on our car.
"Have you ever been to Terlingua or do you just have the bumper-sticker?"
You can imagine the gabfest that followed.
As Crusty Local and Tony were jawing, I took the chance to look around.

Gotta love the creativeness of this basketball hoop.  From the size of the knot, it's been there awhile.  It seems to be a real barrel hoop.
I'm off for a lovely shopping excursion to Whole Foods in the morning.  


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Ring said...

Hey Y'all,

Have a great vacation! Take more photos.