Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jamming at the Jubitz

We are in Portland, Oregon.  
I love Portland.  
If it wasn't for those issues about earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis, I'd consider moving here.  
An unexpected series of events led to us having a fair chunk of time in the area.  We will both get restarts on our logging hours before we pick up a load of Michael's craft goodies in Centralia, Washington and haul them across the country to New Lenox, Illinois.  
That is a nice chunky dispatch of 2,150 miles.  
Oh yeah!
In the meantime, this is how we are spending our evening . . . 

That is the back end of a household moving van.  Those folks are often able to carry around some of their own stuff.  Some people put motorcycles in their trailers.  This guy takes his drum set with him.   Tony carries his guitar with him in our truck.  They jammed for awhile doing some nice Texas Folk and Jimmy Buffet kind of stuff.  Then the electric guitar showed up and Tony dropped out and we just kicked back and enjoyed the show.

 We had already eaten (another post), but there were 2 grills going and I saw porkchops and corn coming off.  Not sure what else, but it all smelled good.
We were parked in a "no idle" part of the truck stop, so we didn't have to listen to diesels running.  The weather here is cool enough to put the screens up in the windows and turn on the 12v fan that we have in the sleeper.  
What a life.

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maewestern said...

Love that area this time of year. Be sure to stock up on cherries and those enormous blueberries -- YUM. Nothin' better'n that. Sure makes me wish we were there!