Sunday, June 28, 2009

Off We Go

The car is empty and parked.
The truck is packed and everything is stowed where it belongs.

The co-pilot's seat is reinstalled and he is in it.
The truck has been washed and refueled.
Ice and soda are in the cups and cups installed in the cup holder.
Phones are charged and bluetooths (blueteeth?) reconnected and hanging for use.

Time to go!

Just as I finished writing this, we got a sweet dispatch from Joplin to Louisville, Kentucky that has about 12 extra hours built in, cuz it always takes a bit of road to get back into our groove.  
After we drop in Louisville, we are pre-planned for a load from Louisville down to Laredo.  It will be hotter than Hell in Laredo, but hopefully we won't be there too long.

Off we go . . . 

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lita said...

Oh my Gosh! I've fallen so behind on your adventures... But I loved catching up! I love you, ~la