Monday, June 1, 2009

What Happened to May?

Did the entire month of May just whiz by and I didn't notice?!?  
Can someone please explain to me how a full month of days can run by in the blink of an eye?  
I have found that this seems to speed up as you get older - what a whirlwind they'll be when I'm 90 or so!
We have been running along the northern tier of states a lot this past month.  Washington, that tiny little slice of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc, etc, etc.
There isn't much internet accessing going on up there.  
Really . . . I tried.  
Multiple times.

The rest of the time, I have been driving with my mouth about half open . . .  mostly in awe.
Spring has busted out big time in these northern states and it is really something to see.
In Terlingua, we usually managed to have Spring on the 1st Tuesday of March between 10:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.  Sometimes, if you weren't paying real close attention, you could miss it altogether.  
But let me tell you, that is not the case with Spring up here.  
This place is GREEN and WET.  
Seriously, there is water tumbling out of the rocks and hillsides like nobody's business.
We have really enjoyed this last couple of weeks.  Pastures are crayon green and full of lively babies - horses, cows and lambs.  Ponds are full to the brim and littered with mamas and their flotillas of baby ducks, geese and swans.  I love watching them as we go by - they look like paintings.  I even saw a kingfisher sitting on a low branch scooping a creek for fish.
I have found the long missing instruction book that came with my camera and I am going to be trying out some new techniques soon.
I'll start posting more pictures.
I promise.  


The Daily Rant said...

Isn't it just beautiful up there? We ran that same route a few times last month too and at the end of this month, we were off for 12 days in NY - my home state, which I love, love, LOVE almost any time of year.

We're headed up to Vermont, then out to Woods Hole, MA (where you'd take the ferry if you were going to Martha's Vineyard) and then out to the Seattle area, so we'll be running those northern states this week....I can't wait since I love seeing every little thing you pointed out!!

Safe travels!

Daryl said...

We haven't been up there since winter but have been hoping to get there. We unfortunatly have been mostly on the southern and western routes, which is equally as beautiful in it's own way.

Great to see you guys last time through!