Friday, May 22, 2009

Map Schmap

I took a photo while we were in Atlanta last Thanksgiving.  Imagine my surprise when I was notified that it was being considered for inclusion in an online city guide called Schmap Atlanta Guide  
That was pretty cool.  
Then I got the notice that it was actually going to be used.  
This will take you to the page.  
If you are too lazy to follow the link, this is the photo

Beaded CocaCola Bottle
This display is giant Coke bottles decorated in different ways.  This one is covered with seed beads and was done somewhere in Africa.

We are lounging in our favorite hotel in Joplin, MO for a couple of days off.  Leo got his annual vaccinations and we shopped for water loungers.  Our family is gathering on Lake Ouchita near Hot Springs, Arkansas.  It is my dad's 80th birthday celebration.  We have rented an amazing houseboat for 5 days of relaxing in the sun.  We will put in a month of hard running on the highways before we stop again for the boat in late June.


malynda said...

Hey there - finally got the posting thing to work. I've enjoyed keeping up with ya'll. When you're in Hot Springs, check out the spa at the Arlington. Went there last spring and it's absolutely decadent.

Fandango Travelers said...

Hey - sorry about the comment problems. Good to hear from you! I'll totally check out the spa at the Arlington - we will be there an extra day or so and I'll have time.