Monday, June 8, 2009

Working with my photos

This is one of the pieces I've been working on with Picnik. I originally took this photo in either Detroit or Toronto (it all gets to be a blur after awhile!). I loved the color, but thought I could have some fun with it as well. I am working on using the tools in editing (paintbrushes, erasers and focal points) as well as the effects. This piece used an effect called "Circle Splash". I also put a mirrored frame around it. I wish the weirdly colored leaves were less opaque, I'd like to have the original shading and veining show through more.

Several people have chided me for not having more pictures on the blog.
 I will try to keep from overloading. 
If I go overboard - please let me know. 


Admin. said...

Getting the effect you want is fairly easy using layers and degree of opacity. Found an article over at CNet that talks about layers being available on PicNik, might look for an article on using layers and curves to keep the color balance while making the photo lighter or darker, better than brightness control.

A simple way to do a coloring is by using layers, first make a copy of the photo, then paste it as a new layer over the existing photos, then change that layer and blend it into the underlying original by the degree of transparency. You can erase anything that you do not want to integrate.

I've got tons of works that I have done, using layers, email me if you want to see a couple of them, you were working at Ocotillo in Alpine when I was bring back Mexican imports from the Tarahumara and Mata Ortiz pottery;

Sounds like you two are having quiet an adventure!

CNet article on PicNik:
"Picnik now lets you put together multi-photo creations using layers. Like advanced photo editing applications each layer can be given different blend modes, transparencies, and color masks. Seen here is a collection of four photos stacked on top of one another with varying effects added on top of one another.
(Credit: CNET Networks )"

The Daily Rant said...

I like the effect! And I love Autumn....can't wait for it to come around again.