Monday, July 27, 2009

Alligator on the Zipper

I had a blow-out the other day while driving through Nebraska.
Our company uses "Super Single" tires on many of our trailers as well as our tractors.  They are supposed to be better in terms of fuel mileage and maintenance costs.  The only problem is that when one of them goes, there isn't that other wheel in the old style "Duel Wheel" set-up to pick up the slack while you get to a repair facility.
Apparently, the other issue with them seems to be that you aren't always aware when they blow.  
We had just switched drivers, so I was certainly awake and Tony was as well.  Neither of us heard or felt anything.  
Another truck driver alerted me to the problem, so I pulled over and found this . . . 


Tony pulled out our "Approved" Con-Way Truckload Repair Kit - his cellphone and called Road Service.  
They sent a repair truck out and Zip Zip Zip, we were on our way.

I can only guess that I must have unknowingly created one of those horrible strips of shredded tire that clog our highways and byways.  Truth is, we don't always know (as evidenced by this one) and we certainly can't go back and pick them up.  
In the trucking world, they are called Alligators.  
Great description.  
So, the correct term for them is Alligator on the Zipper.  
Sorry 'bout that.

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