Friday, July 10, 2009

Fruit Heaven

I think I may have experienced the ultimate fruit experience of my entire life. 
No, really.  

I had no idea that this fruit even existed. 
I am speaking about the experience of consuming Ranier cherries while IN their native state of Washington. 
I have long joked that the Seattle area would be a wonderful place to live, except for the treat of tsunami, earthquake and volcano that one must live with there.  These babies may make the threat seem trivial if I could be assured of consuming them for a couple of weeks each year.  
Let me show you their portrait . . . 

credit:  Gilbert W. Arias/Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Don't they look stunning hanging on the tree.  
According to an article in the Seattle PI, each cherry is picked by the stem and PLACED, not dropped into the picker's basket.  These things are real treasues - only about 4,000 tons of Raniers are produced annually.

I wasn't sure how long they would keep in the truck and so was only able to buy about 4 lbs or so.  I am indulging in some each day, and already mourning the end of them.

Here, let me show you a closer look . . . 

I wish I had put something in for size comparison, because they are huge.  Each is fully twice as large as my thumb.  
Wait, let me get in really close for you to more fully appreciate their lusciousness.

There, how's that? 
 The other picture that I didn't take was one of the inside.  
They are not red like regular cherries.  
These are gold.  
And sweet.  


all things bradbury said...

aren't these great!!...we just discovered them this summer also...can't believe our little store at home carried them.

maewestern said...

OOOOOOH! I am so jealous and so is Steve! We ate as many cherries and blueberries as we could, and brought home the rest. They're just not the same after they get to Texas ...

Have fun and eat some cherries for me!!

The Daily Rant said...

OMG, I absolutely LOVE Rainier Cherries!!! You lucky dog!! I haven't had any cherries at all yet this summer, let alone Rainiers.

I didn't need to read this post to know you enjoyed them!