Friday, July 31, 2009

Dateland = Good

When we are in California and southern Arizona, we always look for ways to stop for dates. 
Growing up in the Midwest and South Texas, dates were just not part of our diet.  Oh sure, we might have the odd slice of date-nut bread or maybe a date muffin.  But the reality was that dates just weren't on our radar.  
 Those things are waaaaaayyyyyy too good.?
And who knew that date shakes were heavenly??!
Additionally, our favorite undisputed top pick for on the road lunch is Quiznos.  
The food is fresh and they have my favorite Sobe pink grapefruit drink in their soda fountains.
Imagine my delight when I spied what I thought could only be a mirage shimmering in the heat as I drove across I-8 headed to Calexico.  
Could it possibly be a new Travel Center?  
Do I see the sign for a Quiznos?  
Is that "Date Shakes" painted on the side of the building?  
Are my eyes telling me true?  
And then, the best part of all - truck parking!!!!!!!
And it wasn't really a truck stop - therefore, it will be clean and spacious and welcoming and not full of smelly truckers . . . 
It was light and bright and full of yummy goodness.  
So we got to have Quiznos Sammys for lunch and date ice-cream for desert.

We are on our way to Georgia.
My dad tells me we will have run 21,650 miles this month.
That is a good month!

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