Saturday, July 25, 2009

Outside My Window

 Someone mentioned the other day that my blogging had turned away from trucking and our cross-country travels.  I get caught up in food posts and thinking about future bathrooms.  
So, I figured I should concentrate on the view out my window.  
We drove from Suffolk, Virginia (way over on the Chesapeake Bay) across to Mesquite, Texas and then on to Kettleman City, California which is on the other side of the country.  
This is what I mostly saw out my window . . . 

Oh, and I saw bunches of this . . . 

July is Resurface All Highways month across the entire nation.
We also spent time looking at this . . . 

Yep, we saw lots of that in Charlotte, Albuquerque and let's not forget Los Angeles.

But sometimes we see things like this . . . 

That is totally an owl sticking her tongue out at me.  
Her red tongue just flapped in the wind.  
Her two babies are sitting on her head having a good laugh too.

It gets boring out here - we have to find entertainment where we can!

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