Monday, January 17, 2011

Wrong Turn

One of the perils of driving a tractor trailer in the NorthEast is that the roads are TINY.
These roads were made for much smaller vehicles (think horse and cart here).  
The Interstates are good and most of the US highways are useable, but certainly not all.
We made a wrong turn in Pennsylvania and ended up on an extremely iffy, narrow roadway.
As we were paused and figuring out where we were going and what our plan might be,
I looked out the window and saw this . . . 

Just sitting there in a row between two houses.  I couldn't get out and get up close, but the stones were very thin and fragile looking.

This one reads:
In memory of 
Susannah Hartzel
Consort of Gen. Hartzel
was born Nov. 15, 1795
and departed this life
July 25th 1834
Aged 40 years
8 months
and 10 days

I found it interesting that she was listed as a "consort" instead of a wife.  I also noticed that all of the headstones in the row listed the departed's age fully in years, months and days.

Hauntingly beautiful in the cold snowy landscape of Pennsylvania. 

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