Saturday, January 8, 2011

Running to Minnesota

We spent the week making a run from Wilmington, NC up to the Minneapolis, MN area and back again.

What a trip that was . . . 
we left balmy 65 degree weather in Wilmington and hit -8 degrees in Minnesota!

And then turned right around and came straight back to Wilmington.

Some days, it is difficult to even know what to put on for the shift.
It is not unusual for one of us to wake up and ask the one driving, 
"What state are we in?" 
and in the winter . . . 
"Is it snowing?"

Our truck is crusted with salt and crap from the snowy roads.

I often feel crusted with salt and crap, but not necessarily from snowy roads.
(oops . . . did I just say that out loud?)

Better stop while I'm ahead!

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Corrick family said...

I can't even imagine 8 below. Burrrr! Stay warm!