Sunday, January 2, 2011


On our tour of the Battleship North Carolina, we found this print on a wall.

Captivated by it, we found out the story behind it.

On board this type of battleship, there is one plane that can be catapulted from the deck.  
These planes were called "Kingfishers" and they were intended for at-sea rescues.
In 1944, during a violent battle, this little Kingfisher was launched and the pilot was able to pull 10 men from the icy water.  
Unfortunately, there was simply too much weight to take-off with his precious cargo.  
So . . . 
The pilot  just plowed through the water with the rescued men clinging on for dear life.  After delivering them to another ship, he was able to fly back to his own ship.

What a great story.

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