Friday, December 3, 2010

Now We're Cookin'

We have a new cooker to use in the truck.
It is called a Burton Oven
a Lunch Box Oven
(cuz it looks like an old style black lunch box)

Basically, it is a slow cooker sort of thing that seals and locks.
This prevents those nasty floods of hot food when the driver needs to suddenly apply the brakes!

The inside is aluminum and can be cooked in as is.  
When you are in a truck without a sink though, liners are the way to go.
I hate cooking food in plastic, but I'd rather have good food cooked in plastic than bad food cooked in something else. 

It's all about choices out here.

 Here is the oven all lined and filled and ready to seal up.
This is a frozen stir-fry that I picked up at Wal-Mart.  Good ingredients and not alot of junk.
So. . . . 
a couple of hours later, we had a nice hot dinner ready to eat


Corrick family said...

Yippee for easier healthier food!

all things bradbury said...

we have two of the burton ovens and use them all the time!!...we usually use the tinfoil loaf pans as liners and then just eat from them....we do alot of the campbell chunky soups and chilis, stew, chicken and dumplings.....the oval hormel dinners that are for the microwave do up really nicely in them too, i put those in the foil liners and add half a can of veggies to each one.....i've cooked chicken parts, oatmeal, bbq and mac and cheese in them's a great way to save money and it's so nice to have good hot food on the truck for those times when you're stuck at a customer's or the weather is nasty and you just wanna stay in......