Tuesday, December 28, 2010


When we have a chance to eat a meal together on the road, we try to avoid chain eateries.
Instead, we usually take a chance on local diners and such.  
Especially if they are NOT in a truck stop!

McAlester, Oklahoma is a town that we have ended up in several times and even without a trailer now and then.  That is always a treat, because we can park in parking lots not made for trucks.

Angels Diner was one of our best finds this year.
Just take a look at this place . . . 

You can really tell that some good food is coming from behind that counter.

I had a patty melt smothered in delish grilled onions and Tony had a frito pie that would hold it's own in Texas.  

We also got to have one of my all time favorite starters - fried green beans with spicy dipping sauce.  Oh man . . . do I love those!

The cooks were focused on their orders while I was focused on those pies! 
 I love love love homemade pies.

We will definitely be visiting Angels again.

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all things bradbury said...

sounds good....always looking for good places to eat on the road...stay safe!