Monday, December 6, 2010

I Made a Terrible Mistake Today . . .

We are have a 24 hour layover to pick up a load.
Love to have some time off to get laundry done,
showers taken,
and shopping dealt with.

We spend a lot of time shuffling through various manuals and books and notebooks -
believe it or not, trucking involves lots of paperwork.  And then triple the amount if any sort of Hazardous Materials are involved.

I spotted a Staples with enough parking and told Tony that I wanted to go in to look at paper containment devices and systems.

Walked in the front door 
was . . . 

I had only seen them online.  
Never actually held one.

Now, I can't live without one.

Even worse,
I had been online shopping for the newer, smaller, cheaper model.
Still sweet

pale in comparison
to the DX.

It takes my breath away . . . 


Corrick family said...

Yea, I would be in your same shoes. I refuse to even look at them online! Psssst, Tony! Looks like a good (insert winter holiday) present! ;)

lita said...

It's even on my "Dear Santa" list!!!

malynda said...

I have the Kindle 3 and I love it. You gotta get one.