Friday, October 30, 2009


For some reason - it is almost impossible to find Trucker Type gloves for women. I look at virtually every truck stop I/we stop in.
There will be a nice display of gloves - 10 to 20 different types and kinds of gloves . . . all for men.
None for women.
What, we don't drive too?
If anything, we need gloves more than men - who wants to ruin a beautiful manicure on some greasy old truck?
But no,
no gloves for us.
Usually . . .

I found these beauties at The 49'er in Sacramento.
They were the only pair. . .
they are leather
they are lined.

Who's stylin' now?


all things bradbury said...

now there is a fashion statement if ever i saw one! those wear out, stop by a lowes....they have a pretty good selection of gloves in women's sizes......but i have to warn ya, they look pretty boring and bland beside those little honey's you've got there!

Corrick family said...


Happy Halloween from the house of high fevers and sore throats. :(

The Daily Rant said...

Wow...those ARE some gorgeous gloves. Yeah, girly ones are hard to find for sure. And I'm actually surprised you found them at the 49er!

I have a perfect solution for not having good looking gloves...I just try not to do anything that requires wearing them! :)

Although Ed always seems to have an extra pair hiding somewhere for me. Ugh!