Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Smile

This Sunday Smile is really something special and I am just tickled pink to be allowed to present it here to you.
A friend sent me a Youtube clip of a woman singing the delightful song "Do You Terlingua?". I didn't immediately go look at it - my life is a bit of a muddle these days. When I finally got around to it,
I was blown away.
Even now, I am still feeling such emotions about Terlingua and home and friends and leaving and looking forward to returning and loves and losses that it is hard for me to write this without gushing. This song really captures so much of what Terlingua is about.
Kelli King must have really "gotten" what Terlingua is all about, because she has only been there 3 times.

This song is not yet available for purchase on iTunes, but some of Kelli's other music is. She is in a collaboration called The Fritters and they can be accessed here: In addition, Kelli has her own website:
I would strongly urge anyone who would like to purchase "Do You Terlingua?" to leave a comment here asking Kelli to make it available either on iTunes or some other "for purchase" venue, cuz I know everyone who has ever been touched by Terlingua will want a copy of this song.

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kelli king said...


Thank you so much for your sweet words. I do love that place so much. Thank you for also including links to my other works.

I'm so happy our paths have crossed. Perhaps one day, they'll cross in our favorite place: TERLINGUA!!


And I have to say, I love your blog. I've always been curious about life in the big rigs. Looking foward to exploring your world.