Saturday, October 10, 2009

Figuring it Out

Today is a beautiful sunny day in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
The last time I was here it was raining and I was exhausted and just beginning this journey of solo driving.
This time around, I have figured out a few tricks that are helping me keep my sanity a bit more intact. It is still difficult and I am counting the days until Tony and Leo get back on the truck and we resume our sweet life as Team Drivers. But now I know that I will survive and not just collapse into a sobbing heap of frustration and weariness.

It is interesting how adversities and hardship also open doors and provide opportunities for growth and enrichment. I am so much surer of myself as a truck driver. I was confident before, but it was absolutely the confidence that comes with the knowledge that someone is there at your back to step in and help when you really get in a jam.
This new confidence is born out of having to do it all alone. Having to make hard decisions and then deal with the consequences.

I turned a corner in a receiver's lot and found myself confronted with a dead end alley and no place to turn around. Nothing to do but back around the corner. It took me 30 minutes and a whole lot of getting out and looking and climbing back in and inching forward and getting out and looking and climbing back in and backing up and getting out and looking . . .
But I did it.
By myself.
And I didn't cry in frustration or get all balled up in a mess of stress and pain.
I just did it.

So that is what is going on with me right now


desertcpa said...

Bless your are such a trooper. Can't tell you how much I enjoy reading about your travels, and admire your sense of adventure.

mabb007 said...

You are such an inspiration! I usually check in with UR blog daily, and in lite of your current challenge... solo drivin, I hadn't checked in for a couple days, thinking, or not thinkin, that I wanted to give U a break from daily entries by not havin selfish desire for your daily dots, ...hoped U were restin up further w/Tony and Leo...and low and not so low and behold, UR on the road again. When I saw this entry, "Figuring it Out" ...I was, as usual, TOTALLY INSPIRED to move out of my own current Sally Saucer, (pittypottyspace) into ACTION and positive change and find a new rythme of joy...and be a ROAD WARRIOR like you! My road may be different dan yours, my adventure has different horizons and landscapes, AND your fearless inspiration is an endless gift to me! Grazzyazz Road Warrior!!!

Ellie said...

Love this post! You are an inspiration.. what a great message, thank you for this.