Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well, I am on the board and waiting for a dispatch.  
We always knew that the life of a solo driver is different from ours as a team.
I went on the board at 8:00ish this morning and as I post this, it is after 1:00 pm.  
I have 
puttered around the truck - lots more room with no one else in there.
Moved to a different parking space.
Done a load of laundry.
Shopped in the Company Store and bought 2 new shirts.
Talked to the Fuel Dept. and got new fuel cards and then activated them.
Piddled around on Facebook (stay away from Farkle . . . . trust me here!) and played a game with Kit from Denmark and WON.
Piddled around in the truck some more.
I am now #3 on the board, but they are moving pretty slowly now.
Ahhhhhh the life of a solo.

UPDATE - Got my dispatch.  Don't leave until Sunday evening - pick up here a load of pet products here in Joplin and head out with it to Illinois. 
Shouldn't be too bad.

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