Monday, August 10, 2009

Magazines are My Catnip

I have always been a reader.  In the second grade, I turned in a book report on one of the pieces in my mom's Reader's Digest Condensed Book of the month.  We are talking some serious reading for a seven year old.

One of my greatest disappointments with truck driving is that I can't have stacks of books.  Stacks of books on end tables, book cases, beside the bed, all those places where I always had books.

But we do have a magazine rack.  So now I indulge myself with magazines.  Whenever I get to a bookstore, I head straight to the periodicals.  
This was my haul yesterday . . . 

National Geographic
Consumer Report
Mother Earth News
Crochet Today
Hobby Farm Home - cover article was "Get Started in Cheese Making"
iLife Answers - summer 09
Grit - Celebrating Rural America
Budget Travel
Real Simple

Just like catnip - always want more!!!!!

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The Daily Rant said...

I feel the same way about the books. And space was a problem - but having a Kindle saved me! Now I have books on there. I still buy some on occassion, but then I pass them on. As for magazines, I'm addicted!!! But instead of spending money on them, I spend the day at Barnes and Noble and read EVERYTHING to my heart's content. And if I see something in the article I like, I just snap a picture of it with my camera - which is ALWAYS in my purse. The only one I buy is Vanity Fair - because I like to read the articles and I don't like to take the time in the store to do that. Has saved me tons of money, plus I get to have a latte while I'm doing it!