Monday, August 31, 2009

New Ways to Connect

I am just going to say this out loud

There - I've said it.
I was really not interested in any of the social networks.  Mostly I thought they were for people much younger than the Baby Boomers.  I don't know why, but facebook seems to have changed that.

Facebook has allowed me to get back in touch with all of my Terlingua friends/family.  I miss them terribly out here on the road.  Not a day goes by that Tony or I don't say something like, 
"That girl looks just like Summer"
"Damn, Richard Sharpe would sooooo appreciate this." 
or even, 
"wonder what Taz is doing this summer . . . ?"

I chat with someone almost every day.  
It even allows me to have conversations with Micah on the same level as hollering from one room to the next - much more intimate  than a phone call or an e-mail that he would never open.

Late Saturday night, I noticed another Terlingua mama on someone else's friends list and sent her a friend request.  She responded and we gave each other the internet version of hugs and then promptly set up a date for lunch today.  I am just serendipitously (ha - didn't need spell check for that one!!!) passing through and stopping in Des Moines on my way to Illinois.  So, Kendra is on her way over with her little girl that I haven't ever seen and we are going to catch up and hug and cry and do all those things that I miss sooooooo much about my Terlingua friends.


it is 63 degrees here in Iowa. 
Oh Yeah


Can you tell we had a good lunch?

I'm heading out to Sterling, IL for my drop at Wal-Mart Distribution and will find out where I go next.

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