Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Butt is Too Big

We are in the Seattle, Washington area for 2 days.  We are doing something that we haven't had to do too often, make deliveries.  
As in 5 different stops.  


I am ashamed to admit that when we received the drop schedule and they were all on Tony's shift, I was thrilled.  Even knowing that he has to do them makes my stomach hurt.
What's the problem?

Take a look at this picture carefully.
At first glance, it is a quaint street scene in a bustling town.
Then, you notice that there are NO big trucks. 



There is a reason for that - they don't fit!

And we have 5 of these to do.
Literally, we have to often stop in the middle of the street and someone unloads 1 or 2 or 10 pieces of whatever it is that we have.
This time it is doors and windows.

Oh, and did I mention that since this is Seattle . . . 
it is raining.

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Ellie said...

That makes my stomach hurt, too! Makes me look at a little suburban downtown a little differently... I don't even like to parallel park, for crying out loud...