Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Like to Look at Trucks

One of the more interesting changes that I have noted in myself since becoming a truck driver, is that I like looking at trucks.  
Let's go over that again . . . 
I LIKE looking at trucks.  
Actually, I love looking at trucks now.  
When we have to spend time parked in a truckstop parking lot, I always insist that we face the fuel islands if possible.  That way, I can sit in the front seat and watch trucks as they come and go.  I like seeing how other drivers move in tight or tense situations.
I like looking at the truck drivers themselves.  
I really like looking at trucks.

Especially this kind of truck . . .

Isn't that a beauty?  

Clean and polished and just pretty.  I know the driver would not like me calling his truck "pretty", but it is.  This is called an "Old School" Truck.  Big boxy nose, lots of chrome, and even more chrome.  Nice clean tires (who knew trucks could have clean tires?), polished chrome hub caps and wheels.  Lots and lots of nice polished chrome.  And a pretty paint job.  
All in all, this truck is a joy to look at.

So is this one . . . 

I can just imagine the wood flooring (yes, really) and Kozy interior on this rig.  
This rig is the kind that makes me wish we had started this venture 10 years ago when we would have been willing to make the $ obligation that a rig like this calls for.  
I especially like the detail of the paint theme carried up to the tractor.  

Some trucks just demand to be looked at and appreciated.

I do.


Daryl said...

We love those large condo-sleeper trucks. If the economy ever picks up and we go O/O Mary wants to work towards one of those.. but at $200k for a brand new and upwards of $170k for a used I'm still unsure!

Fandango Travelers said...

Yep . . . they sure are purty to look at. Wouldn't want their monthly payment though!

The Daily Rant said...

Hey! We saw that Kozy Kabin parked in a WalMart parking lot!! We walked all around it, checking out the paint job and looking to see if the driver was in it....we didn't see any activity.

It was um...interesting. LOL