Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lush Autumn Colors and some Lush Music

Isn't this beautiful?
I'd love to tell you that I snapped this picture 
as we came through the Poconos this morning.  
Actually, I took it when we were in Detroit recently.
You didn't know that there was such loveliness in Detroit these days. . .
did you?

I am amazed every day by the incredible beauty of this country.
I even like it at night.
Except, of course, 
when we are trying to find our way on crowded interstates!

I am going to really try to get more photos up on here - you can't imagine what wonderful things we encounter

And for your listening pleasure. 
I came upon the amazing talent of Victoria Vox recently 
and would encourage to give her a listen .  
Did you smile?
I did.


JT said...

Beautiful picture !

Sounds like you are having quiet an adventure. A site that you might like is shop goodwill auctions, not as good as a garage sale, but pretty good bargains.

The Daily Rant said...

BEAUTIFUL colors!! I love Fall - it's my favorite season. And it precedes winter, which is another favorite...I love the cold.