Monday, November 17, 2008

Our HQ in Joplin

This is the company headquarters for Con-Way Truckload
located in Joplin, MO.
We have our main repair facilities there: tractor, body, tire and trailer.
We can also wash the truck, laundry and ourselves at this terminal.
All company support personnel are here as well as Operations/Dispatch.
We keep our car here and have a mail drop in Joplin.

When we arrive at the terminal, our truck and trailer
have to go through a pretty thorough inspection.
As we pull up to the inspection bay, we are greeted with this sign,
It scrolls too fast to get the whole thing, but basically
welcomes us home by name and tractor number.
Pretty nifty - makes us feel warm and fuzzy!

We just made a drop in Albuquerque and are waiting to see where we go next,
The "not knowing" is one of the more interesting aspects of our job -
we could head out to anywhere in the country or even Canada.

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