Monday, November 10, 2008

Sitting Idle

We are sitting in Pasco, Washington.  We have been here for 3 days and don't see an out in sight.  I went on the 'net to see if there was something here that we were missing - turns out there isn't anything.  NOTHING to do here - the Wal-Mart Supercenter isn't even one of the big ones.  The craft/sewing department is only 1/2 an aisle in Housewares.
I have begun crocheting.  Well, really, I am working on a couple of projects and buying yarn.  The buying yarn is really fun, except there isn't anywhere to store it.  That puts a real limit on the amount of "stash".  There are gazillions of patterns available free on the internet along with beautiful and enticing pictures.  The main problem there is that we don't have a printer in the truck and never really have access to one.  If you can't print off the beautiful and wonderful patterns, you can't create with them.  So, I sit and think about crochet projects almost as much as I get to actually tie knots with yarn and hook.

I have finished a couple of things:
an eyeglasses case
a case for my iPod nano
2 neck warmers (these are really wonderful)
this fellow
Isn't he cute!  
He is actually larger than most amigurumis.  
I am going to tackle some food items next - maybe a cupcake.

I'm working on a bed jacket/shawl thingy to put
 on when I wake up and want something on my shoulders and arms.  I have one side of it done and will probably get the other side finished today if we end up hanging around Pasco much longer.
Well,  Pasco did redeem itself.  We found the good grocery store.  This one is REALLY good.  Might even rival the mecca of grocery stores in North Bend, Washington.  All I needed was yogurt (I am smitten with Rachel's yogurt...more on that later), but I managed to find my favorite snacks there as well.  I guess I could do some photos of my favorite foods for the road.

Anyway, we are all set and happy and waiting for the next adventure!

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The Daily Rant said...

LOVE the duck!! I've been thinking of taking up a hand craft - I figured I could be cranking out scarves or something with all the time I have on my hands.

You MUST get a printer for the truck - it's a lifesaver!! We have the printer/scanner/copier kind which comes in SO handy. We do our logs on the computer (no log book/ruler/calculating) which does everything automatically for us, so we print our log out everyday. It's awesome! I don't know how ConWay does it, but this way is ideal for us.

And we use for faxing - it's a godsend. We fax right from the internet and we can receive faxes right through our email.

There are so many things to make being out here even EASIER!