Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Whirl Wind of our Days

note:  I tried really hard to make this neat and orderly.  I apparently don't know the super secret undercover password, because I can't get it to line up when it makes the transition from the composition to the published form.  Please try and read though - it is a pretty good look at the whirlwind of our days.

I love my job.
No, really, I LOVE my job.
We are in Alabama headed to North Carolina and the weather is wonderful.  In fact, life at the moment is wonderful.
I know I sound PollyAnna'ish, but I can't help it!

I'm going to open my logbook and write down the names of the places that I have logged so far in just 2009.  I think we'll be surprised and amazed.
Here we go:
1/1 Little America, WY (really nice truckstop with a very nice hotel/restaurant). Ended the day in Oregon. 450 miles (these are just my miles, not Tony's)
1/2 Portland, OR over to Aurora, OR where we stopped.  149 miles
1/3 Took over at Canyonville, OR after a lovely lunch of Duck and Spinach Salad.   Cruised through the Cascade Mts. and over Mt. Shasta on into California.  421 miles
1/4 Tony took us on through to Phoenix where we stopped for the day/night.  Ate great Mediterranean food, discovered Trader Joe's and found a neat re-sale shop.
1/5 still in Phoenix
1/6 Cline's Corner, NM (just East of Albuquerque).  Drove through Texas and on through Oklahoma City and ended up somewhere West of Tulsa.  659 miles.
1/7 Richmond, IN through Ohio and on into Pennsylvania. 502 miles
1/8 Still in Pennsylvania, but headed West now, back through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and ended the night at the Iowa 80 Truck Stop in Walcott, IA.  I remember it was snowing really hard this night. 615 miles
1/9 Big Springs, Nebraska (still blowing and snowing) across the Great Plains through to Kimball, NE where I had to stop for 2 hours and wait for the wind to die down at sunset so I could make the run across Cheyenne, Wyoming and on to Laramie where I fueled and caught my breath.  There were some scary moments on this run.  Ended the shift in Echo, WY at 539 miles.
1/10 Tony took us into Utah ( I think it was Salt Lake Cit), but I got to take back over in Evanston, WY where I drove back into the wind again.  Stopped at a rest area on the Continental Divide and thought the truck was going to blow over.  It was so windy (60+ mph) that the wind blew me into the bathroom.  Had a hard time negotiating the ice/snow piled up with the wind throwing me around! Finished the night in Gothenburg, Nebraska with 611 miles.
1/11 Rest Area in Illinois - took us down to Rantoul, IL where I docked and we spent the night waiting for an unload the next morning.  Snowing ALOT! 165 miles.
1/12 We were tucked in at a Con-Way terminal in LaSalle, IL.  A great blow of a snow storm blew through.
1/13 Tony broke us out of the snow in Illinois, and I took over in Joplin, MO as we head South.  Yea - great weather and wonderful driving.  370 miles ending in our terminal just south of Dallas - Lancaster, TX.
1/14 Tony took us down to Laredo, TX (another terminal) and we stopped and shopped.  I picked up our load and headed us back up I-35 to the Lancaster, TX terminal.  415 miles.
1/15 Took over in Newton, Kansas headed up to Denver.  Got there and docked to be unloaded at midnight.  490 miles.
1/16 We are headed over the Rockies to California.  Yipeee.  I took over about half way through the Rockies in Colorado and took us down to St. George, Utah.   440 miles
1/17 Spent the afternoon in Las Vegas where we got to see a movie (Gran Torino - wonderful) and have a nice Sunday Buffet at a casino.  I left Las Vegas late in the evening and took us down to Four Corners, CA (just West of Barstow).  195 miles
1/18 Tony took us into Kettleman City, CA where we dropped and hooked and headed out for LA.  We stopped there waiting for our load the next morning - I got a day off!  We snuck off to Trader Joe's again and then spent some down time watching videos and tv.
1/20 Tony took us out of LA and into Arizona.  I took over in Eloy, AZ and drove through New Mexico and down to Marfa, Texas.  558 miles
1/21 Tony drove us from Marfa to Laredo where we dropped and hooked (got a little shopping done). I took us out 1-35 then 1-10 headed East through Houston and on toward Louisiana. 400 miles.
1/22 We are now somewhere in Alabama ( just South of Montgomery I believe) and will head up around Atlanta and on to Marion, North Carolina tonight.

Is your head spinning?  Did you even make it through all of that?  That would explain why when I talk to some of you on the phone, I don't actually know where I am, where I am going, or where I have been.  
It all becomes a blur!  
But what a great blur it is!!!!!!!


BMc said...

WOW!! That's pretty amazing. And here, my life is a blur and I don't even go anywhere. I stayed home sick today so I actually had time to soak in your wonderful blogging. I'm so glad you do it even though you don't get comments. Sometimes I think commenting is just too difficult! Even though I have written all of the pertinent info down, sometimes it still will not take my comment. That is a grrrrr! momement but I keep at it (usually) until the post is accepted. Anyway, just wanted you to know I read your blog and love that you keep writing. SMOOCH! b.

Fandango Travelers said...

Thank you for going through the aggravation to let me know someone is still reading. I hope you start feeling better soon!!!!!

dogsltd.trainer said...

Whoa! that's a lot of traveling... interesting to hear about all of the places you've been and remember them from when we were there.