Saturday, January 3, 2009

Culinary Alignment - Maybe?!?

As you know from the Mexican food posts, we have several favorite restaurants around the country.  In order to eat at any of the fav spots, several planets and stars have to be aligned perfectly.  We both have to be awake and hungry.  That might sound trite, but if it is, 10:00 a.m., I have just awakened and may or may not have even had coffee yet.  Tony, on the other hand, is ready for dinner.  We must also be in the vicinity of one of the favored eateries.

I'm not sure, but I think all star/planet alignments may fall into place for us to eat at one of those spots in Oregon.  This restaurant has 2 strikes in it's column, but managed to make me say, "WOW", the last time we ate here.  Strike one:  it is a truckstop -  'nuff said there.  Strike two:  it is a casino - they tend to be "buffet heaven" which we usually studiously avoid.  We wandered in one day a couple of months ago and decided to eat.  Nice seating, no buffet in sight, courteous staff AND the most wonderful salad of Roast Duck Breast and Spinach.  It was wonderful and moist and crisp and just plain yummy.  Tony usually turns his nose up at duck, but I had to smack his sneaking fork on this one!  

So here's the scene . . .  we are 50 miles down the road.  We are just finished fueling, the dog has been walked and treated , and I have had my coffee and am ready to face the day.

I'll keep you posted.

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Linda said...

Hey, I am trying to find the grits recipe you said you had posted... where is it? I am hungry especially after looking at the great photo you took!