Monday, February 7, 2011

Where Will We go?

As I write this on Sunday night, we are under a load. 
Meaning . . . we have a loaded trailer and are waiting to make a delivery on Monday morning.

We do not have a load assignment.
This doesn't happen often, but I always like it when it does.

I'm not worried that we won't have something to do . . . 
The Planners arrive at HQ at 6:00 Monday morning and will send something as soon as they get a look at their loads.

On the contrary, I am thrilled to be going to bed later tonight knowing that I will wake up and we will have unloaded the current load and be on our way to another load somewhere and I will have absolutely no idea where we are or what direction we are heading in.

It is the "not knowing-ness" that keeps this fresh and fun for us.

Lots of truck drivers prefer to have "dedicated" routes.  They want to know when they will be home to be with their families.

We have everything we need right in the truck with us and love the adventure of each new run.

Have I mentioned this week that I love my job?!?!


june in florida said...

You did'nt have to , i think you guys would have been on the first ship to the New World.Ss i dont comment much, read you every day.

Fandango Travelers said...

Jine, Thanks for being a faithful reader.
How did you find the blog?

june in florida said...

All things Bradbury wich i clicked on from another blog which i found from another blog and so on and so on.