Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life in 18" x 36"

This is the mess that used to be the inside of our truck.  

We were crammed into a KW T2000 with a 60" sleeper.
There was not even enough floor space for Tony and I to stand up at the same time.

18" x 36" of floor space - that green mat was it.
Measure that out and then try to conduct your life there
Oh and add your spouse and a dog!

While we were home in Joplin earlier this week . . . 
we moved into a bigger truck.

84" sleeper

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll post pics as soon as we get settled in.


Corrick family said...

WOOHOO! More space!

all things bradbury said...

congrats on the space!!...it seems our space gets a tad smaller everytime we move into a new truck....always love seeing how other drivers make use of their space and getting new ideas.

Mike said...

Safe journey to you road warriors in this storm!!!