Thursday, February 5, 2009

First day in Asheville

We did make it to Asheville and are settled in for a great week of relaxation.  We also decided to do some nice things for ourselves - massages, a facial for me, acupuncture, maybe haircuts.  
So far, I have reconnected with a wonderful friend that I haven't seen in 17 years,  been to and had lunch in an absolutely heavenly grocery store (sounds weird, but if you follow this blog you'll understand my love affair with grocery stores), had  a great 2 shot latte with locally roasted coffee.
If that isn't enough, Tony and I tried to go to one great local restaurant, but ended up at a wonderful Greek restaurant instead.  We chose to go authentic and had the Souvlakia (pork medallions marinated in red wine and served with Greek pilaf) and Spanakopita  and split them between us.  They came with a Greek salads as well.  Lots of good food.  The Spanakopita was light and crispy and cheesy and dense all at once.  
And, of course, I couldn't eat without taking a photo of something.  This is a Greek pastry called KATAIFI

It came to the table looking like a giant sized Shredded Wheat biscuit.  But, oh what delightful sweetness.  The waitress described it as finely shredded phyllo wrapped around  a filling of ground walnuts and honey.  I would guess it is then soaked in honey.  It was really similar to baklava, but not as cloyingly sweet.  
I am now blogging while sipping on a glass of Zinfandel Port from California.  
Oh yeah . . . life is good!

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