Monday, February 16, 2009

Day and Night

We came over the Rockies yesterday.  The sky was brilliant blue with lovely wisps of clouds way up high.  Snow covered the mountains and skiers skittered like ants down them.  The highway (I-70) was dry and absolutely clear of snow and ice.  It was a delightful drive.  Tony drove about half way and I drove the second half and on into Denver.  We had a nice lunch that Tony put together for us from groceries picked up in Foodtopia (Asheville, NC) and just really had a nice time going over.
Compare this with those other times when it is dark and cold and wet and icy.  Crossing the Rockies under those conditions is truly a truckdriver's nightmare (or at least THIS trucker!).  Unfortunately, it feels like we cross under less than ideal conditions more often than not.
We have been sent empty (deadheaded) from Denver to Kansas City where we assume there will be some freight available.  Deadheading doesn't bother us at all, it pays the same.
Can't even begin to guess where we will go next.

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