Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back on the Road

We spent Tuesday doing all the laundry and repacking to get back into the truck.  I swear we have to stuff twice as much into this truck as we took out of it.  I usually end up sleeping the last night in the truck so that I can stay up late putting things away and getting the sleeper "ship-shape".  Tony usually turns in fairly early in the hotel room and then gets up early to get us back on the board and wait for the dispatch.  We got sent from Asheville back west to Memphis, Tennessee and that is where I am sitting now.  We pick up a Con-Way load early in the morning and head out to sunny Blythe, California.  
It is always nice to settle back into our road routine.  Leo, especially, likes to get back into road life.  He really loves riding in his co-pilot seat.
I still have stuff to write about with regards to our Asheville stay - just too busy right now to do it.  Mostly, we ate great food, had wonderful acupuncture and spa treatments, and reconnected with a dear friend from old Castelon/Terlingua days.
More later . . . 

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