Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mr. SnowMan

It is cold in the upper sections of this country.  We are in Utah and as we came across Wyoming, Tony saw -3f on the temp. gauge on the dash.  YIKES.  I was going to make a Christmas tree for the seasonal dash ornament, but felt like this fellow would be a truer representative of the season!!!!!!!
We are having internet connectivity issues.  In a nutshell, the days of unlimited data transmission via cell are sadly coming to an end.  We are now limited to 5 gigs of usage per month. The problem is that our plan doesn't reset until January 2nd.  In the meantime, we will become more familiar with wi-fi hotspots around the country.  So, if I don't answer e-mails right away, that's my excuse!

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Mary said...

Yay, we both have officially passed as of today. I hear that the temps up there are ridicules! We actually had a pipe burst at our house in Colorado where they had a few nights of -15 or below! I hope you guys stay warm and that you are able to respond to my latest e-mail soon.
Cute snowman by the way! I can crochet, but I can't do anything within a day....maybe a hot pad...but I don't guarantee it will be a discernible shape of any sort.