Monday, December 29, 2008

Feliz Navidad and Good Mexican Food !

We had a wonderful Christmas break in Odessa with both of our sons.  I am ashamed to admit that I left the camera in it's bag the entire time.  No pictures of darling grandchildren (Xander and Sirena) or their dad (Travis) or of Micah.  We also managed to get in a overnight stop in Kingsland, Texas with my parents.  No pictures there either.  Not sure what is going on with that, but it was dumb!

Our break in Odessa was cut short by a call from our Fleet Manager with a request to deadhead to El Paso for a load.  We left at the @$#@#'ing crack of dawn (actually, I slept in the truck so I could get back on sleep/drive schedule and so was wonderfully asleep when Tony came out and got us rolling!) on Saturday morning and hit El Paso and turned around for Memphis.

We dropped our trailer temporarily in our West Memphis, Arkansas terminal and did some grocery shopping.  

We also found MEXICAN FOOD.  Yea!  This was the real-deal Mexican food we have missed since we left Terlingua.  Yummmmmmmmm.

I didn't take the camera in, but we had a great mixed fajita plate (beef, chicken AND shrimp) and a really gooey good queso flameado.  We will most certainly be back to this place often.

Not a clue where we go from here, but tomorrow will be spent having our 200,000 mile check-up/service done on the truck.   Can't believe we have put that many miles on since mid-February.  

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