Saturday, December 13, 2008


We are parked in Wolcott, Iowa at the Iowa-80 Truckstop.  As  you can see, it is:
Once you get inside, this place is giagantic ... no really, it is huge!  There are 3 full size trucks INSIDE the show room.  As you can imagine, we love this place!  We actually highlight (ask Dispatch to send us here specifically for some time off) for this wonderland of trucking goodness.

They sell all the things that truck drivers need, plus some stuff they don't need.  As you can see below, they also customize stuff.  Truckers REALLY like to put writing on stuff.  They like to have company names, truck makers, branches of military put onto their clothes and truck accessories.  These folks also make window vinyl stick-ons.

Another reason that we love this place is because our dentist works here.  He is awesome and so easy for us to get to.  The parking is MUCH easier than at your dentist.

It also helps that he is such a nice guy.  Dr. Tom and his darling wife Amy are very easy to do business with.  Tony and I are catching up on all the dental care that we avoided for 20 years and Tom is the guy for us.  He doesn't lecture or nag, and he just cuts to the important stuff.
Did I mention that we love this guy!  He even loaned us his truck to make a grocery/wal-mart run.  That way, we didn't lose our fabulous front row parking space.  Did I tell you how much we like coming to this denstist!

And next door to the dentist, you can get your hair cut.  We haven't used this service yet, but I'm sure we will someday.

In addition to all this trucker wonderfullness, they have a great laundry.  It is large and there are folding tables too.  Most truckstops cram the laundry into a closet and there are usually 2 washers and 2 dryers.  Typically, you have to fold the laundry on top of one of the washers.  This is sooooooo much more spacious.  Tony will appreciate that tomorrow when he does the laundry!

If all that wasn't enough, check out the nice space below.  What an inviting place to stop and spend some time with your laptop.  Maybe while waiting for laundry, dentist, etc.

Additionally, upstairs includes a movie theater (driver requested movies), nice showers, a tv lounge and a chiropractor.  Lots of good stuff!

And the final bit of wonderfullness - the food court.  Most truckstops have 1 fast food spot in addition to the usual roller dogs (hot dogs), coffee and sodas.  One of our favorites is Taco Bell. Our favorite burger brand is Wendy's and it is always sweet when we come upon a Dairy Queen.  Imagine the charge when all 3 are in the same place!!!!!

We also enjoy sitting down to eat it.  Driving and eating is not one of our favorite activities.

As I'm typing this, I realize that I forgot to take photos of the front door and a view of the parking lot.  Can you believe that there are 800 parking spaces for trucks.  When we cruised in late (2:00 a.m.) on Wednesday night (or Thursday morning for you picky types), the lot was mostly full and we ended up waaaaaaayyyyyyy out in the far reaches of the lot.  When the lot cleared out the next morning, we slid up to the front and will be here until we leave.  SWEET!!!

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