Friday, November 5, 2010

Quick Post from New York

Oh how we love New York.  Especially NYC . . . (NOT NOT NOT).  We finally got moving and did a quick pick up and deliver from Atlanta to Columbia, SC.  Then jumped up the coast to Richmond, VA and plowed our way through Washington D.C., Baltimore and on up the East Coast to Queens in NYC.  

As I was sliding through D.C., I was just able to catch a quick glance of The Washington Monument shining in the twilight.  What a sweet glimpse.  That is as close as I have ever gotten - a visit is very much on my list for lifetime achievements.

So, we are getting unloaded here in Queens and turning down load offers (more about load offers in a later post) that will keep us tied up on the Eastern Seaboard for the weekend. 

Interwebbing is spotty at best, but I will get something posted as often as possible.

Thank you for your comments, always appreciate them.

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