Sunday, November 29, 2009

Looking for my MoJo . . .

Yes, we left on Monday as scheduled.
All 3 of us.
It is taking a while to get back into our routine.
We went to Denver
and now we are sitting outside Erie, PA on the lip of Lake Erie
waiting to pick up a load on Monday
taking it down to Calexico.

Nice long dispatch

I'll try to get my mojo back on the way down and start posting again.


Corrick family said...

Yippee! The promise of more posts - I've missed you. Saw Micah on Thanksgiving at Donna and Tim's, he looks great and sounds excited about his summer. Much love to you two.

Joan said...

Glad to hear you three are once again on the road together...especially for you Jana. Stay safe, enjoy and as always looking forward to your posts.
Love and Hugs

lita said...

The long dispatch will help - I'm sure! Lots of time to get the groove back! I love you